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Embedded DMX controller aimed at interactive lighting installations.

Forthcoming product - please email for more information.


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Hardware is available now for bespoke applications with custom-written software. Software for general purpose end-user applications is under development.

Pictures will be here soon!

DIN rail mounting standalone controller for DMX lighting control.

Dedicated DMX processor - no cumbersome operating system - 100% of resources available for generating realtime DMX data. No moving parts, no fan, no hard disk!

60MIPs 32-bit processing power. 32K RAM, 256K Flash program memory.

Baseline DMXCUBE features

3-module DIN rail enclosure (52mmW x 90mmH x 60mmD). DIN rail or surface mounting – DIN clips can be extended to act as screw fixings.

128x128 pixel colour LCD display for status/mimic display and  user interface for setup/configuration.

Up to two DMX universes output. (One universe if both RS232 ports in use)
Up to two RS485 / RS422 / RS232 ports (RS232 or  3.3v TTL levels). Standard and nonstandard baudrates to >1Mbit/sec.
Up to six analogue inputs (0..3V or resistance). for sensor inputs (light, user, environmental, motion etc.)
Up to four digital outputs with open-drain drivers, e.g. for external relays, SSRs, LED indicators, actuators etc.
USB host interface for memory stick devices. Allows easy update of content data and firmware. Also allows PC connection for setup/configuration.
Option for memory stick to be housed internally where a large amount of permanent data is needed ( images, animations etc.).

Three front-panel pushbuttons for local user interface in conjunction with colour LCD display.

Expansion options

Expanded case formats accomodate expansion boards providing 8 or 16 DMX output universes, for up to 4096 or 8192 channels respectively.

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Other applications

Anywhere that a simple, reliable hardware platform is needed for embedded control, protocol conversion etc.

Current installations

DMX Cube is currently running bespoke software in the following installations, for Jason Bruges Studio :

ASDA Bench, Poole
"Recall", Broadwick Street Lift lighting, London
Substation lighting, Dagenham
Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow
Royal Alexandra Childrens' Hospital, Brighton

..and has been used for these temporary installations :

Tower Bridge, Feb 2007
Greenpeace "Night Gallery" at Glastonbury, June 2008,
O2 Memory Project (April 2008) (Tracking system)